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Malachite Litter 2020

Thursday May 14th ended up being an epic event for Lily and I. Uterine torsion, Emergency Cesarean and Puppies!!

Never ending gratitude to Dr. Alison Jones and her team at Alma street animal hospital for a trauma free and successful puppy retrieval, and as always, a professional and courteous experience. Much love and thanks!

The Malachite Litter is here! Yara Biscay's for Butterblac (Lily) x All for dogs Ed Sheeran (Angus) repeat litter due to the last litter having only 3 pups.

Malachite is the stone of transformation and is known as "The Midwife Stone".

Appropriate for this litter.

Celebrating Lily! and her pups: Eowyn, Estelle, Easton, Eureka, Enigma, and Elvis!!

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