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Our Barbet

Thor is one of our own breedings to be kept for the intention of future breeding purposes.  He is from a breeding done in co-operation with Jacques Cyr of Barbochos Trois Rivieres

                                                           "BIS Can/Am CH.  Cahal Biscay's Dapper Citrine CGN"

Thor was born February 28, 2018 at our farm in Stratford, Ontario. He is one of 9 puppies born to GCH. Yara Biscay's for Butterblac and CH. Barbochos Boris. 

Thor is our 3rd generation of Biscay Barbet and comes from our original Polish and Finnish foundation lines. 
Thor lives with his grandma Vegas, his mom Lily and our good friend Michelle.
Thor is CKC registered with a 3 generation pedigree and also registered with the AKC.
Thor is a Canadian Champion and an American Champion. 
Following in his mom's pawprints, Thor won a BIS at the Indy Winter Classic in his first set of AKC shows! 
His health testings are done and Thor's official OFA Hips are Excellent (A1) and Elbows are Normal (0/0)   CAER normal, PRA-PRCD - Carrier.

Barbet Thor Canadian Champ.jpg
Barbet StacyAble Photography
Thor AKC Champion.jpg


Angus came to us in August of 2017 from our good friend Tammy Allarie.  This blonde (officially Fawn) boy definitely captured our hearts! 

"Allfordogs Ed Sheeran CGN"

He is part of the Celebration of Music litter born on April 8, 2017 at All For Dogs Barbet in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Angus is a brown dog with a fawn recessive coat. His mother is one of our own, Wyllow Biscay's Grand Opal. Angus is silly. He loves people....a little too much! 
On Angus' 2nd birthday we visited our favourite vet - Dr. Alison Jones at Alma Street Veterinary Hospital, and had his testing completed - OFA Hips certified Good (A) Elbows certified Normal (0/0) and we are happy to continue our Polish lineage through him. His CAER was normal until May 2022 and then a cataract was seen - it will be retested in 2024 to establish significance.  His PRA-PRCD Clear both by parentage and by lab results. . His thryoid and cardiac screens are both Normal.  He is registered with the CKC and the AKC, has AKC DNA profile and a CKC 3 generation pedigree. 
Angus lives in St Jacobs with our friends Jody and Chantalle, and continues to enjoy rural farm life to the fullest. 


Milo is an import from Switzerland that came to North America in cooperation with Stacy Able of Ginkgo Barbet with the intention of bringing new bloodlines into our breeding programs.  Milo is a gentle soul and loves people, as well as his cat and chicken friends. 

                                                                 "CH.  Galanthus von Springbell"

Milo was born March 3, 2019 in Oberneunforn, Switzerland. He is one of 13 puppies born to Felicia von Springbell x Obeir Spendeur Doreef, by breeder Carmela Wyss.  

Milo lives on the farm in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with Erin and her family, his Barbet house brother Eagan, and the cats and chickens. 
Milo is CKC registered, AKC registered and SKG registered with a 3 generation pedigree. 
Milo is an AKC Champion. His health testings are done and Milo's OFA Hips are Excellent (A1) and Elbows are Normal (0/0)  CAER normal, PRA-PRCD - carrier and PRA-CORD - clear.  Cardiac and Thyroid are Normal.  


Merry is a smart and quirky dog, of our own breedings to be kept for the intention of future breeding purposes.  

                                                           "CH.  Eowyn Biscay's Belle Malachite"

Merry was born at Alma Street Veterinary Hospital with her 5 siblings, by Cesarean section, on a sunny Thursday morning, May 14, 2020.  She is one of 6 puppies born to Yara Biscay's for Butterblac (Lily) x Allfordogs Ed Sheeran (Angus).  

Merry's breeding was a dream of mine since we got Angus, because of the inbreeding of  the Polish/Finnish and French lines we love and hold in high regard.  
Merry lives in Waterloo with Pippin and Ron and Johanne, with lots of visits to the farm to see us as well. She enjoys chasing anything that moves, swimming and has a great nose for scenting. 
Merry is CKC registered with a 3 generation pedigree. Merry is a Canadian Kennel Club Champion.
Her health testings are done and her official OFA Hips are Good (A2) and Elbows are Normal (0/0)   CAER normal, PRA-PRCD - Clear by parentage and confirmed by lab results.  Cardiac and Thyroid are Normal.  

Merry CKC Championship.jpg


Nina is a fiercely loyal and very smart dog.  She was born here of our own breeding, at our farm with intentions of future breeding purposes. 
                                                            "BPIG Eugenia Biscay's Sparkling Chrysoberyl" 


Nina is 1 of 8 pups born November 25, 2020 to Outdoors Delphine (Della) x RoVer's Mazu of Gentle Rivers. She has a very keen nose and innate hunting instinct. She definitely follows in her mother's footsteps in scenting out prey!!   Nina is CKC registered. Her health testings are done and her official OFA Hips A2 (Good) Elbows Normal (0/0). Her CAER is clear (2022), PRA-PRCD carrier and Cardiac normal.

SOARS BPIB_edited.jpg
Barbet Nina soaking wet_edited.png


Ivy (or sometimes known as Harvey) is a sweet and happy dog. She was bred in cooperation with RoVer Barbet when using Angus for stud. 

                                                                                 "RoVer's Secret Agent Poison Ivy CGN" 

Ivy was born January 2, 2021 in Severn Bridge, ON to RoVer's Alice n' Wonderland x All for dogs Ed Sheeran (Angus) and was 1 of 7 pups.  I was fortunate enough to go up and see her a few times - and do her testing before bringing her home. She is a strong meek dog, with lots of opinions, and she steals hearts wherever she goes! She lives with our friends Seamus and Carolyn in Kincardine, ON and gets to run endless in fields and on the shores of Lake Huron.  Ivy is CKC registgered and her health testings have been completed, and she is officially OFA hips A1 (Excellent), elbows normal (0/0), CAER normal (2020), PRA-PRCD clear (by parentage),  Cardiac normal.  

Ivy the Barbet.jpg
Ivy at CKC dog show.jpg
Poison Ivy - Ivy at SOARS show.jpg

All of our breeding dogs are health tested and temperament tested.

All of our puppies are tested at 49 days using the Volhard Temperament Test and at 56 days with the Hastings Personality and Structure Method.
We offer breeder support for the lifetime of your Barbet.

We CAER (formally CERF - eyes) as well as Xray  HIPS and ELBOWS, which had been previously certified through the OVC (Guelph Veterinary University - Canada) and now the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals - USA).

We have also started screening for PRA-PRCD although it is NOT a lab verified test, is thought that it is our specific breeds testing for this disease. More time and testing to verify it however, for now it does seem prudent to use this as a testing marker. Occasionally, we will test for PRA-CORD-1 as well based on the lineage. A variety of other tests may also be done when and where necessary and at our discretion, thyroid, cardiac, etc.  All of the above results are published on the internet and are there for the viewing.

If you don't see a test listed or a link listed and you are interested, please ask.  We would be happy to share the official documented results (certificates, registrations) with you.  

OFA - here 

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