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First Biscay Barbet UAD UKC Title!

What a day!! July, sunny, humid....and Finley Sebastien jumps off the dock like he'd been doing it all his life!! Today was his 5th consecutive jump (in the Junior Division all under 15 feet) with UKC Ultimate Air Dogs earn him the recognition.

This gives Finley (Sebastien Biscay's Black Pearl) the honour of being the FIRST UKC titled Barbet in North America!! Finley also received the Junior Jumper title from UKC UAD in the USA.

Congratulations Finley and Joanne (we know you have put alot of time, effort and resources into working with Finley for proficiency and effectiveness in this athletic and very fun sport!)

Not to take away from this "first", rather to ADD to it....Later that day, Watson (Tatianna Biscay's Sapphire) also earned a UKC UAD title (in the Novice division - with 5 consecutive jumps under 10 feet) to give her the first UKC UAD Novice title, and the second UKC title in our breed.

WAY TO GO Biscay Barbet!! We are thrilled!!

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