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First Biscay Barbet to earn a Working Certificate (CKC)

On September 29th 2011, at the Mill Creek Retriever Club working certificate tests, Satine Biscay's Precious Pearl aka Madzia, became the 4th Barbet in Canada to earn her Working Certificate Title.

Madzia and Ula have been training since the spring of 2011 and has it ever been a learning experience for both of them!! Ula did not want anyone else to train Madzia or handle her because they are attached at the hip and since Ula plans to duck hunt when it is hunting season, she thought it was important for the 2 girls to bond in all aspects.

Ula, we are so PROUD of you, and Madzia, as we are sure you are as well. What a sense of pride to train and handle your own dog. The Barbet has natural instincts for the WC as it is a gun dog.

 Congratulations to you both, and to "The Friendly Barbet" !!! keep up the good work. (Madzia also has a son, Obie, who earned his WC title earlier this month.) WOW.

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