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First Biscay Barbet to earn a CKC Lure Coursing Title

It was a cool and windy weekend, but Jenna and Olive were determined to earn a Chase Ability title! 

All summer of 2016, Jenna took Olive to various practices, trials and events for Lure Coursing, and throughout the summer, Olive had placed numerous times with successful course finishes. On October 22, 2016 a cool and windy autumn day in Alliston, Ontario at Maple Lane Farms, Olive completed her final trial to earn a "Chase Ability" title! A fairly new sport for non-sight hound breeds, we think Olive is not only the first Biscay Barbet to earn a CA, we think she is the first Barbet in Canada to earn this title!!! Thanks Jenna! We love your help, commitment and perseverance. Good job Ollie!! 

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