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First Biscay Barbet Guide Dog for the Blind

Working with Service/Guide dog organizations is not only an honour, but a dream come true! Being a nurse, and surrounded by that community - and seeing the need for Animal Assisted Initiatives, I am most willing and happy to see our pups go to officially recognized organizations, who professionally train and place them for the good and benefit of those in need. This is William Wallace "Wally"  He is an Asta/Disco pup from the Opal litter and works as a Seeing Eye Guide Dog. He was sent to Cassville, NY with Freedom Guide Dogs for the Blind.

His little nephew Xantara "Xainy" has also gone down to be trained, and we look forward to many more Barbet in successful and lasting partnerships in the future.

Our hat goes off to Eric and Sharon Loori of Freedom Guide Dogs and the selfless and tireless work they do on behalf of, not only the visually impaired, but also PTSD sufferers and others, in need of Animal Assisted Intervention

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