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Coral Litter 2021

On November 3rd our Coral litter was born to RoVer's Claire Beauchamp Fraser (Pippin) and Kadiz von der Leibrucke (Diesel). Thank you to Stacey and Lindsay for their help and hospitality - and to Dave for making the trip to Barrie a few days in a row.

This time around - Pippin was much more relaxed and had a much easier whelp. She started late in the morning, and was finished by supper time. We had a nice mix of black and pied pups - 2 boys, 4 girls.

We chose the Coral for the gemstone for this litter - Coral is not a mined stone or mineral, but an organic gemstone - and it seemed fitting because both Pip and Diesel are avid swimmers and divers!

Pups names all begin with F for 2021.

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