ChrysoBeryl Litter 2020

On November 25th our ChrysoBeryl litter was born to Outdoors Delphine (Della) and RoVer's Mazu of Gentle Rivers (Mazu). Thank you to Veronica at RoVer Barbet, and Andrena at Gentle Rivers for allowing us to use this lovely boy!

With the pandemic, I have been working more and so Amelia was at home with Della (and the others) that week. Della decided that after I left for the Clinic, she would start to have puppies!

We chose the chrysoberyl as it is a precious stone deposited in flowing water - and it seemed to fit with Mazu's name. Pups are: Eugenia, Emelia, Eliza, Esmerelda, Elektra, Euchre, Eliason and Ember

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