First Biscay Barbet to earn a Dock Dogs title!!

Hearty congratulations to Finley (Sebastien Biscay's Black Pearl) and Joanne Campagna of Buffalo New York.
They travelled to Toronto, Ontario Canada on a cold and snowy weekend in February, to a National Dock Dogs Event, and Finley placed 1st in the Junior category after consistently jumping up to 10ft 11 inches to earn the title National Junior Jumper (Champion)
He is the first born Ontario Barbet, and now the first Barbet to earn a National Title in Dock Dogs.

There are many other interested Barbet/owners interested in Dock Dogs and the diving/speed retrieve. Anton jumps (currently has 2 - 4th place novice ribbons), Isis (Treasures Biscay's Sapphire) jumps and soon there will be more.
What a excellent sport for the dogs, hard work and training for the handlers and lots of fun and entertainment to watch!!!

In recent news, we are happy to hear that Finley is also has the distinction of "Big Air Regional Title"

Way to go Finley and Joanne! We are PROUD of you!! :)
For more information about Finley, go to his blog at: