Citrine Puppies 2018

On February 28th, 2018...yes, the AquaMar litter birthday!! (who also happens to be Vegas' litter who is Lily's mom!)
Yara Biscay's for Butterblac (Lily) had a lovely litter of 9 puppies.
Barbochos Boris is the proud father.

Lily and Boris had a lovely rendez vous in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, and it resulted in this wonderful Citrine litter. Much thanks to Jacques Cyr. 

3 males (2 brown, 1 black) and 6 females (5 brown, 1 black)
Castaway, Calla, Casey, Cheddar, Cerise, CanAsta, Canada, Chance and Cahal
(Castaway was born in the laundry room, a week early, thus his name. There were 12 puppies, but due to their immaturity, 3 did not survive despite our best efforts)