It gives us a real sense of pride to introduce and represent the Barbet (also known as a French Water Dog). Not a new breed of dog by any stretch of the imagination! For hundreds upon hundreds of years, people have been living with, working with, enjoying and loving the Barbet. From the goddess Diana (Rambouillet) to Napoleon Bonaparte, through Eurasia to North America, the Barbet is an intelligent, versatile and extremely affectionate breed of dog.

Barbet Anton and AstaIt is our desire that as you navigate through this website and visit other sites listed here, you will not only find helpful and historical information, but also sense the passion and love that we have for the Barbet.  If you are interested in the Barbet as a pet or just curious about one of this antiquitous breed of canine, please consider yourself welcome to stay and read and learn!

In our journey with this breed we have met many people and many Barbet.  Lifelong friendships have been formed and invaluable resources have been acquired….many that we could not do without. Much of our experience has been in travel, at dog shows, during seminars and courses, and most of all, living, eating, sleeping and playing with the Barbet.

We are a small Barbet Fancier based family in SouthWestern Ontario. Our dogs are our personal companions first, and show/breeding dogs second. They sleep on our furniture, on our beds and swim in our pool.  They are a big part of our everyday lives. Our whole family is active in the daily care and training of our dogs and puppies.  Our daughter Amelia actively handles our dogs (and others') in conformation events.  Don't mistake our "hobby" and "passion" for unprofessionalism. The utmost care and concern is taken with our dogs, their lives, activities, and occasional breedings.  For us, the importance of what we are doing is focusing on the breed itself, and NOT the breeding.
We enjoy studying pedigrees, and work with a group of Barbet breeders internationally, which allows us to follow a careful breeding program.

Looking forward to many blessed years with man’s best friend.

Ballak Family with Barbet

Our name comes from:

Biscay, Bay of (bis'ka) arm of the Atlantic Ocean, indenting the coast of W Europe from Ushant island (Île d'Ouessant) off Brittany, NW France, to Cape Ortegal, NW Spain.  The bay is noted for its sudden, severe storms and its strong currents. The rocky northeastern and southern coasts of Biscay are irregular with many good harbors; numerous offshore islands are there.  Spanish  Golfo De Vizcaya,  French  Golfe De Gascogne, wide inlet of the North Atlantic Ocean indenting the coast of western Europe. Forming a roughly triangular body with an area of about 86,000 square miles (223,000 square km), it is bounded on the east by the west coast of France and on south by the north coast of Spain.


Proud Members Of:

Southern Ontario All Retrievers Society


Seminars & Courses:

Sturcture in Action by Pat Hastings - 2006, 2009.
Breeding Better Dogs by Carmelo Battaglia - 2009.
ABC's of Dog Breeding by Claudia Orlandi - 2010.
Structure and Genetics by Doug Windsor and Wendy Schira - 2010.
Advanced Canine Reproduction and Whelping by Myra Savant Harris - 2011.
Nutritional Compliance by Dr. Robin Downing, DVM, CVA, DAAPM - 2012.
PetTech: Pet Saver, Pet CPR and First Aid Certification - 2012.
Canine Health 2012: Functional Foods, Minimal Vaccines & Thyroid Dilemmas by Dr Jean Dodds
Canine Lameness Learning Module - Heather Caprette & Dr Jonathan Dyce, DVM
Continuing Education through the CKC Breeder Education Program.

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